• Monica Agrawal

    Monica Agrawal


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    machine learning, healthcare, natural language processing

  • Carmen Amo Alonso

    Carmen Amo Alonso


    California Institute of Technology

    Optimal and Robust Control, Distributed Control, Data-driven Control, Convex Optimization, Large-scale Systems.  

  • Akari Asai

    Akari Asai


    University of Washington

    NLP, Question Answering, Multilingual NLP, Reasoning 

  • Wedyan Babatain

    Wedyan Babatain


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Microfabrication, Flexible Electronics, Wearables, Sensors, Liquid Metal

  • Lauren Biernacki

    Lauren Biernacki


    University of Michigan

    Computer Architecture, Security, Privacy

  •  Andreea Bobu

    Andreea Bobu


    University of California Berkeley

    human-robot interaction, robot learning, human-centered representation learning, learning from human input

  • serena booth

    Serena Booth



    Human-AI Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Explainable AI, Human-Centered Reinforcement Learning

  • Nichelle_Le Carrington

    Nichelle'Le Carrington


    Iowa State University

    Power system resiliency, Utility data, Power distribution reliability, Power system restoration, Data analysis, 

  • Lillian Chin

    Lillian Chin



    embodiment, architected materials, soft robotics, manipulation, computational design

  • Mandy Coston

    Amanda Coston


    Carnegie Mellon University

    causal inference, machine learning, algorithmic fairness

  • Constance Crozier

    Constance Crozier


    University of Colorado Boulder

    Power systems, Optimization, Machine learning

  • Wenqi Cui

    Wenqi Cui


    University of Washington

    Learning, Control, Optimization, Energy Systems, Theoretical Guarantees

  • Poulami-Das

    Poulami Das


    Georgia Tech

    Quantum Computing, Compilers, Architecture

  • Sami Davies

    Sami Davies


    Northwestern University

    Algorithms, beyond-worst-case, scheduling

  • Pinar Demetci

    Pinar Demetci


    Brown University

    machine learning, computational biology, computational genomics, multi-modal learning

  • Jenna Wise

    Jenna DiVincenzo (Wise)


    Carnegie Mellon University

    software verification, programming languages, software engineering, gradual verification

  • Jane E

    Jane E



    HCI, computational photography, creativity support, visual design, creative feedback

  • Hadeel Elayan

    Hadeel Elayan


    University of Toronto

    nano-communication, Terahertz intra-body applications, biosensing, protein signaling

  • Audrey Evans

    Audrey L Evans


    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Microwave ablation, thermal therapy, thermoacoustic signals, dielectric spectroscopy 

  • Lingling Fan

    Lingling Fan


    Stanford University

    quantum computing, integrated photonics, photonic neural networks, thermal sustainability, optical mechanics

  • Liuqing Gao

    Liuqing Gao


    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    RF MEMS, Passive EM Devices, Wireless Communication

  • Priyanka Golia

    Priyanka Golia


    IITK and NUS

    Automated Reasoning and Synthesis

  • Hila Gonen

    Hila Gonen


    University of Washington and Meta AI

    Natural Language Processing, Multilingual Modeling, Ethics, Interpretation

  • Wenshuo Guo

    Wenshuo Guo


    University of California, Berkeley

    Machine Learning and Economics, Optimization, Algorithm Design

  • He Haiyun

    He Haiyun


    National University of Singapore

    Information theory, statistical learning theory, inference and estimation

  • omiya hassan

    Omiya Hassan


    Ph.D. Candidate, University of Missouri

    low-power circuit design, VLSI, ML hardware accelerators , biomedical instrumentation and neuromorphic computing

  • Nicole Hutchins

    Nicole Hutchins


    Vanderbilt University

    adaptive learning technologies, classroom orchestration, participatory design, K-12 STEM

  • Aqsa Kashaf

    Aqsa Kashaf


    Carnegie Mellon University

    Internet Resilience, DDoS attacks, Network Reconnaisance 

  • Harmanpreet Kaur

    Harman Kaur


    University of Michigan

    Human-AI Collaboration, Interpretable ML, Sensemaking, Cognitive Science

  • Alyssa Kody

    Alyssa Kody


    Argonne National Laboratory

    power and energy systems, optimization, control, machine learning, infrastructure resilience

  • Yasmine Kotturi

    Yasmine Kotturi


    Carnegie Mellon University

    human-computer interaction, future of work, community-based participatory design

  • Mackenzie Leake

    Mackenzie Leake



    Computer graphics, Human-computer interaction, Design tools

  • Sharon Levy

    Sharon Levy


    University of California, Santa Barbara

    Natural Language Processing, Responsible AI, Natural Language Generation

  • Manling Li

    Manling Li


    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    Natural Language Processing, Multimedia Knowledge, Information Extraction

  • Kexin Li

    Kexin (Kathy) Li


    Columbia University

    Nano-electronics, semiconductor device physics, GaN devices and circuits

  • Tian Li

    Tian Li


    Carnegie Mellon University

    optimization, large-scale machine learning, federated learning

  • Dongshunyi Li

    Dongshunyi "Dora" Li


    Carnegie Mellon University

    Computational biology, single-cell genomics, spatial-temporal analysis 

  • Tianshi Li

    Tianshi Li


    Carnegie Mellon University

    Human-Computer Interaction, Security and Privacy, Software Engineering

  • Shuang Li

    Shuang Li



    generative modeling, vision language, embodied AI

  • Jingyi Li

    Jingyi Li


    Stanford University

    human-computer interaction, design, creativity support tools

  • Jiajin LI

    Jiajin Li


    Stanford University

    Mathematical Optimization, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Machine Learning 

  • Chen Liang

    Chen Liang


    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing, Parameter Efficient Learning

  • Shan Lin

    Shan Lin


    University of California, San Diego

    Robot Vision, Medical Robotics, Computer Vision for Automation, Surgical Scene Understanding

  • Palma London

    Palma London



    Convex Optimization, Distributed Algorithms, Machine Learning

  • Aninda Manocha

    Aninda Manocha


    Princeton University

    graph applications, data supply, memory management

  • Alisha Menon

    Alisha Menon


    University of California: Berkeley

    Intelligent biomedical devices, hardware for machine learning, in-sensor biosignal recognition, brain-inspired computing

  • Lu Mi

    Lu Mi


    Allen Institute & University of Washington, Seattle

    Deep Learning, Computational Neuroscience, Connectomics

  • Sewon Min

    Sewon Min


    University of Washington

    Natural Language Processing, Language Modeling, Knowledge Extraction

  • Fatemehsadat Mireshghallah

    Fatemehsadat Mireshghallah


    UC San Diego

    Privacy, Fairness, Natural Language Processing

  • Haekyu Park

    Haekyu Park


    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Machine Learning Interpretability, Visualization, Scalable Data Analytics

  • Roma Patel

    Roma Patel


    Brown University

    natural language, multi-agent communication, reinforcement learning

  • Georgia Pierrou

    Georgia Pierrou

    Postdoctoral Researcher, ETH Zurich

    power system control, power system dynamics, power system optimization, renewable energy 

  •  Abhilasha Ravichander

    Abhilasha Ravichander

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Model Analysis and Evaluation, Robustness,  Interpretability

  • Emily Reed

    Emily Reed


    University of Southern California

    cyber-physical systems, control theory, complex networks, cyber-neural systems

  • Anuththara Rupasinghe

    Anuththara Rupasinghe


    Princeton Neuroscience Institute (PNI), Princeton University

    Bayesian Inference, Statistical Signal Processing, Network Organizations, High Dimensional Neural data, Computational Neuroscience

  • Renata Saha

    Renata Saha


    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

    MEMs, neuromodulation, micromagnetics, spintronics,  nanotechnology, healthcare

  • Efrat Shimron

    Efrat Shimron


    UC Berkeley

    medical imaging, MRI, machine learning, biomedical engineering

  • Christina Spaegele

    Christina Spaegele


    Harvard University

    optics, nanophotonics, flat optics, metasurfaces

  • Jennifer J. Sun

    Jennifer J. Sun



    AI for science, Human-in-the-loop systems, Machine learning, Computer vision

  • Milijana Surbatovich

    Milijana Surbatovich


    Carnegie Mellon University

    Intermittent Computing Systems, Programming Languages, Applied Formal Methods

  • Tang

    Haoyue Tang


    Yale University

    Stochastic Networks, Online Learning, Information Theory

  • Emily Tseng

    Emily Tseng


    Cornell University

    HCI and design, security and privacy, critical data studies, health and data 

  • Dishita Turakhia

    Dishita Turakhia


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Human-computer interaction, Skill-learning, Adaptive learning, Game-based learning, Makerskills

  • April Wang

    April Wang


    University of Michigan

    Human Computer Interaction, Programming and Development Support, Educational Technology, Human-AI Interaction, Data Science

  • Qianqian Wang

    Qianqian Wang


    Cornell University

    Computer Vision

  • Wenxi Wang

    Wenxi Wang


    The University of Texas at Austin

    Automated Reasoning, Formal Methods, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligent learning, Neural Networks

  • Jianling Wang

    Jianling Wang


    Google Brain

    Data Mining, Recommendation Systems, Graph Neural Networks

  • Danqing Wang

    Danqing Wang


    University of California, Berkeley

    nanomaterials, nanophotonics, materials physics, quantum photonics

  • Nicole Wein

    Nicole Wein


    DIMACS, Rutgers University

    theoretical computer science, graph algorithms, fine-grained complexity, dynamic algorithms

  • Emily Wenger

    Emily Wenger


    University of Chicago

    machine learning, security, privacy

  • Mel White

    Mel White


    Rice University

    computational imaging, circuits, computer vision

  • Annie Xie

    Annie Xie


    Stanford University

    robotics, artificial intelligence, reinforcement learning

  • Xiong

    Mingye Xiong


    the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    nano electronics, solid-state nanopore, biosensors

  • Ping Xu

    Ping Xu


    George Mason University

    Decentralized online kernel learning, random feature mapping, linearized ADMM, communication-censoring, quantization

  • Xiaoxuan Yang

    Xiaoxuan Yang


    Duke University

    In-memory computing, emerging nonvolatile memory technologies, robustness and reliability.

  • Rozhin Yasaei

    Rozhin Yasaei


    University of California Irvine

    Applied machine learning, cyber-physical systems, embedded systems, security, hardware

  • Esen Yel

    Esen Yel


    Stanford University

    Robotics. Assured autonomy. Safety monitoring and validation. Planning under uncertainty

  • Xiaofan Yu

    Xiaofan Yu


    University of California, San Diego

    Internet of Things, Edge Computing, On-Device AI, Network Optimization

  • Elena Zannoni

    Elena Maria Zannoni


    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, SPECT instrumentation, semiconductor detectors

  • Huiqin Zhang

    Huiqin Zhang


    University of Pennsylvania

    Nanophotonics, Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Light-matter interaction, Low-dimensional semiconductors

  • Janice Zhang

    Yixuan ("Janice") Zhang


    Georgia Tech

    Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Data Visualization (VIS), Crisis Informatics, Health Informatics, and Equity.

  • Wanrong Zhang

    Wanrong Zhang


    Harvard University

    data privacy, differential privacy, privacy-preserving data analysis

  • Yi Zhang

    Yi Zhang


    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard University

    Computational biology, cancer genomics, machine learning, bioinformatics, human genetics

  • Zixin Zhong

    Zixin Zhong


    University of Alberta

    Online machine learning, reinforcement learning, multi-armed bandits

  • Shufang Zhu

    Shufang Zhu


    Sapienza University of Rome

    Automated Reasoning, Planning, Agent Program Synthesis